Joomla! quiz component to create quizzes and courses in minutes with an advanced form builder, one-page quiz response forms, social integrations, and more.

Self hosted quizzes

Host quizzes on your website and store all data on your server. Your data is fully protected and securely stored.

User friendly design

The component is designed with a user-friendly interface to easily access all features even for beginners.

Faster Performance

Designed with simplicity in mind. The code is lightweight, loads, and runs faster. Runs on shared hosting as well.

Beautiful User Interface

Quickly build community-driven quizzes feature on your Joomla! website. Add quizzes and courses in minutes. Quizzes and courses are shown in tabs for easy navigation.

Category listing

Quickly access categories right on top of the quizzes listing to easily navigate to the required content. Navigate to subcategories by simply clicking on any category.

Quick search

Quickly search the quizzes and courses using the search bar and access the advanced search page. The search bar is optional and can be disabled with one click.

List cards with avatars

Shows quizzes listing on user-friendly cards with user avatar, number of hits, ratings, descriptions, difficulty levels, bounties, and more.

Modern Quiz Form

Creating quizzes is never been so easy. Our one-page quiz form lets you create simple to complex quizzes without much effort.

Multiple question types

All required types of questions are available in simple radio boxes to more complex grid question types.

Single page, full featured

Create and edit questions, drag to sort them, unlimited pages, unlimited questions, page titles. The ajax enabled form has a ton of features for you to dive in.

Quiz Reports

Not just a great form to build your quizzes, Community Quiz has the best in class reporting system to visualize the outcomes of your quizzes and understand how the users perform with them.

Reports dashboard

Quickly visualize where your users are located, quick statistics, and the most recent user responses with their scores.

Quick statistics

View the overview of your quiz performance with quick statistics and access to more detailed reports with the links to them.

Top scorers

Get insights into who is performing the most with the top scorer board on the main dashboard.

Consolidated Report

Not getting good answers? Reward users with bounties and get the best answers to your questions.

Advanced visualizations

Get insights into all questions of your quiz with charts and statistics on the same page. Summarizes all your quiz responses on a neat report.

Download responses

View each response detail or download all your responses in a CSV file, the reports are flexible.

Front-end Quiz Form

Allow your users to create and manage their own quizzes with all features available for them to use.


All advanced features are available when needed, the options are customizable and easy to configure.

Joomla! editor support

Create the full HTML enabled questions answers with the Joomla! WYSIWYG editor support. 

Custom scorewise messages

Configure custom messages that are shown based on the the score user scored in a quiz.

Quiz Types

Choose from 3 different quiz types

Standard Quiz

A standard quiz with a set of questions. The question can be arranged on multiple pages.

Category Quiz

Create a quiz that can pull the questions from all available quizzes in the selected category.

Question Banks or Pools

Create your own custom pool of questions and assign them to any quiz. Given number of questions can be randomly selected from the pools.

Email Templates

Customize the content of each email sent from the component.

Customize with editor support

Customize the email templates with full HTML editor support

Multi-language support

Create different emails for each language and they are automatically selected based on user language.

Quiz Certificates

The component is bundled with the most needed modules and plugins.

Scorewise certificates

Award certificates based on the user scores. Create and manage multiple certificates.

Multilanguage support

Create different certificates for different languages. The right certificate will be automatically selected.

Difficulty levels

Define multiple difficulty levels and assign them to your quizzes

Customizable levels

Create your own difficulty levels and tag them to the quizzes. 


Get notified about all activities with questions and answers.

Combine quizzes into courses

Create multiple quizzes and club them into a course. Assign course completion certificates.

Learning path

Allow access to quizzes only when the previous quizzes are completed or allow all of them at a time.

Google Sheets Integration

Export your quiz responses without much effort.

Automatic Sync

All your quiz responses are automatically synced to the Google Sheets, no manual intervention is needed.

Quiz-level Integration

Each quiz can be integrated separately. This will allow you and other quiz administrators to integrate their quizzes with separate Gmail accounts.


All Access Membership

No hidden costs, and no confusion. Get access to all our extensions with one simple membership.

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